Cushion Glide Coupler

Finally! An Effective and Affordable Gooseneck Cushion Coupler.

Pulling a trailer with this coupler is like riding on a cloud. It absorbs up to 59% of the bumps, jolts and jars that make towing hard on you, hard on your cargo and hard on your equipment. Simply swap it out with the coupler on your gooseneck now and -- Walla! Instant gratification. Cushion Couplers from PopUp cost hundreds less than air-bag style couplers - and require no  maintenance. The remarkably smooth ride comes from a patented system that uses world famous Timbren cushions combined with other proprietary shock-dampening technology.

Smooth, Strong and Friendly.

You don't sacrifice strength for smooth towing. With a gross trailer weight rating of 30,000 pounds  this cushion coupler will take trailers wherever you're going in remarkable comfort.

The self-latching GN8 cast coupler has a handy molded hitching guide that makes hook-up easier. It has a "V-19" Rating of 28,000 pounds, so it's plenty strong for anything your towing. Best of all, this great coupler self-latches when the trailer is lowered onto the ball -- and it releases remotely with a cable you can locate near your trailer jack handle.

Easy Installation.

Cushion Couplers are made to fit all standard trailer coupler tubes.  Simply remove the coupler that's on your trailer now and insert your new Cushion Coupler in the stock receiver tube.

The CC2 is furnished drilled for use on trailers with a safety thru pin. However the pin cannot be used because of the internal mechanism of the Cushion Coupler. Because of this, the CC2 is furnished with an ingenious studded collar to safely lock the unit in place. If your trailer has two set bolts instead of the thru pin, you may still use the CC2 safely.

New Extended Cushion Couplers

Adds 9" between truck and trailer

Tow a full-nose gooseneck with a short bed truck in smooth comfort with this extended cushion coupler. The nine inch offset provides the extra trailer swing needed to avoid cab and rear window contact with your trailer.

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The Cushion Glide Coupler is protected under United States Patent: 7,380,811

Part # Description Price
CC2 Cushion Glide Coupler
CC4 Cushion Glide Coupler
Extended - 4" Round
CC6 Cushion Glide Coupler
Extended - 4.5" Square
CC8 Cushion Glide Coupler
Extended - 4" Square